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Japan is the spiritual home of technological craftsmanship and
continues to lead the world in engineering and manufacturing
expertise. Japan has set a global standard where the
expectation of customers who buy Japanese products is
extremely high. In fact, customers assume that Japanese
products will be reliable, well built, dependable, professional
and durable. Shindaiwa is all of these.

That is because Shindaiwa is a brand produced by Yamabiko
Corporation, a company that has been behind many ‘world
first’ innovations. These began with the first backpack duster
in 1950 and have continued ever since. Our focus is on
developing world-class products that are known for their light
weight, power and durability. Recently, global markets have
begun demanding products with lower exhaust emissions. We
have used our technological capabilities to become the global
leader in the development of engines with reduced emissions.

Over the years, Yamabiko Corporation has produced over
60 million engines. We currently have manufacturing facilities
around the world that all work to the same standard of quality,
resulting in consistent, professional-grade products. It is no
surprise, then, that our customers worldwide have come
to rely on the performance and high quality of all Yamabiko
Corporation products.

This craftsmanship extends into manufacturing. Our

production philosophy allows us to control the manufacturing

processes from the raw materials all the way through to the

finished products. We utilize lean manufacturing techniques

and the latest equipment to make production more efficient

and to maintain our global competitiveness. Our products

are assembled using a harmonious marriage of human

craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, resulting in the

F E S S I Ohighest quality standards.  JAPAN

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